Human Development Closure

out 25, 2019

Last week was the last day of the Human Development course, held in partnership with SENAI and with the FIRJAN Integrated Social Responsibility Projects Division. Each of the 29 students dedicated the day to think about the impact of the course on their lives and their paths during these months.

The classes were thought to promote the development of cognitive skills and interpersonal skills, work on issues of major contemporary importance, such as ethics and prejudice, and prepare youngsters for the current job market. This grade makes it an extremely relevant course for most students, who often never had contact with people outside their community and have no professional experience.

At the last meeting, among the activities proposed by the social workers who taught the course, the students got emotional talking about how this experience has transformed them and about their daily difficulties. For many, it was unimaginable to open up this way at the beginning of this journey.

At first the class was very divided, but over the course of the classes they became a tightly knit group. Respect for diversity and others were themes worked out extensively during the course and this sense of collectivity that emerged in the class shows that they really learned to live with people from different realities and with divergent opinions.

Among the students’ closing statements, what most people said was that the course was life changing, opening minds and broadening horizons. In addition, many students commented that the course was a long exercise in self-awareness, with more confident and self-esteeming people after graduation. Another highlight was the lessons on the job market.