Visit at the facilities of DNB Brazil and a presentation about investments

maio 8, 2019

On March 22nd, we took some of our DLW participants to visit the facilities of Den Norske Bank. DNB is one of Dream Learn Work’s founders, together with DNV-GL, DOF, Jotun, Kongsberg, and Vard. We are hugely grateful for still having a strong relationship after 13 years together. During this visit, Claudio Goulart, from DNB Brazil, once again welcomed our youngsters with the kindness and attention they have always had.

Claudio began the presentation by asking about the trail of each participant so that everyone could hear and share their respective experiences and perspectives for the future and the role of DLW in making these dreams possible. Then the DNB Brasil representative spoke about the bank’s history and trajectory and its operations.

After all the introductions, the DLW participants attended a presentation about investments. The participants were very involved in the subject proposed and presented and they had several doubts on the subject. In the end, we performed a small group recreational activity of annual spreadsheets with different fictitious forecasts of different types of investments that were discussed in the presentation. Students had to work together to make the best collective decisions, and increase their initial profitability. At the end of the exercise, we all left happy with the results and learning of the day.

We must always engage and motivate our participants, and this bridge with our partner institutions, also through diverse activities, is a great way to achieve our goals together. The collaboration of our corporate partners, through sharing experiences and volunteering for activities such as: CV workshop, technical visits, mentoring or knowledge sessions, etc. has a major social impact.

Thank you once again, DNB and Claudio Goulart for providing us with another valuable and important day in our mission to help young Brazilians from less developed areas to have a fair chance for a better future. Through support in professional qualification and continuing education.