CV workshop with DNV-GL kicks-off new Dream Learn Work partnership

The first CV workshop in a new partnership with DNV-GL was hosted at SENAI Bareto. Michelle Araujo, HR Manager South America, shared advice on how to create a strong CV and how to do a good interview. Both Dream Learn Work participants and other SENAI students participated.

July - 2014 CV workshop with DNV-GL kicks-off new Dream Learn Work partnership

A new partnership with DNV-GL includes workshops where HR professionals from DNV-GL in Brazil provide job support to Dream Learn Work participants. The first workshop was held in June at SENAI Bareto, attracting more than twenty students focused on how to create a professional CV.

Michelle Araujo, HR manager South America in DNV-GL, has worked with recruiting throughout her career. She knows the do’s and don’ts of how to find and keep a job better than most. She believes sharing the knowledge is important. “What can seem very simple when you have the experience can make a big difference for those that are starting out," she acknowledges.

Lack of a good CV, or curriculum vitae, is a problem for many young people seeking to enter the formal job market. Dream Learn Work sponsors courses that give professional qualifications. Job support activities are part of the toolbox we offer our participants. These activities are offered together with our partners, profiting from professionals with extensive knowledge of their line of work.

The aim of the CV workshop is that each student will leave the workshop with a good CV. Designing a CV from scratch, students can leave with one in hand, ready to use. DNV-GL provides laptops and printers to finish the job if access to computer is an issue. Those that already have one, get detailed feedback on how to improve it.

With the first workshop in the DNV-GL partnership a success, more will follow throughout the year. Previous workshops include Safety at Work and Job Search sessions with Statoil.