Dare to dream

Dare to dream

March is here and courses are starting in the country where the year only starts after carnival. The scene is set in Niteroi and the audience is NGO-participants who wants and needs a better future.

March - 2015 Dare to dream

Motivated youngsters are gathered at SENAI – a technical college with courses that could change lives. Some are here with a vision of becoming an electrician, others with the urge of having a dream but due to an unmotivated lifestyle, does not know how to. And that is where Dream Learn Work comes in to the picture. To help create a dream, motivate to achieve it and help financially.

Time is valuable The adolescents seems inspired, a paid course that could improve the future is nothing else than desirable, but for these people there are many barriers. An everyday life where work takes up a part of the day, then school and afterwards participate at the activity the NGO has for you, makes it hard to find time to do an additional course.

Time is also something DLW talks about during the presentation given explaining what the students need to take part of the program. Although DLW’s desire is to help as many as possible to do courses, there is to no use that the youngsters starts a course without completing it because of time issues. Therefore it is mentioned various times that they need time to do this and to do it a 100 percent if so.

Dream for yourself Another distinctive factor is believing in yourself and daring to dream. In the Brazilian slum culture young people are not encouraged to dream and they are surrounded by a negative atmosphere that could rather inspire you to quick and easy money, rather than honest work. The drug dealer is the cool guy and the bus driver is the coward. It is the harsh truth they live in and therefore it is necessary to build up dreams in their dark reality.

Many of the participants of the presentation seems to be ready to take a step into this world where there is no limits for what you can dream and around 25 of the participants found an interesting course which they applied for. Jobs that could appear after finishing courses and training periods could have salaries from 1000 – 2000 reals, which is a good wage in the poor society of Brazil.