March 2014 Dreams of Rio

Dream Learn Work is all about dreams. Since starting our work, we have helped over 400 young Brazilians to fulfill their dreams of getting an education, a professional career and to become economically independent. Follow Dream Learn Work on Facebook to read more about our new project DREAMS OF RIO.

PARTICIPANTS OF DREAMS OF RIO: Many dreams are in the creation at our partner NGO’s. (All pictures: Joergen Skjelbred)

Here is a selection from the project already published:

DREAMS OF RIO - 1st edition

I finished high school last year, and since then I have basically been taking care of my parents house and of my sister, making food, cleaning and doing whatever that needs to be done at home.

My mom works full time as a cashier at one of the snack places in the central train station. She comes home from work late and she is usually very tired, so I don’t want her to have more things to do when she finally gets home.

In the future, I see myself living alone, although I want to help my family. My older sister lives in Canada and she says great things about the country. I like the cold weather, so I think I would like it there. Maybe I can go to Canada in the future. I’m doing an English course at the moment, that will definitely help to prepare me to travel abroad.

A big dream is to go to the university. I have been using the year since I finished high school to think and figure out what I want to do. I came to the conclusion that I want to study to become a production engineer. I like mathematics and administration, and that is basically what a production engineer do. But my biggest dream is to have my own house and my own things and know that I worked for it. I want to feel independent.

Jaddy (18), Guadalupe, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

After this interview Jaddy achieved her current dream and is now studying for a Bachelor degree in Production Engineering at CEFET, a Brazilian federal institution in Rio de Janeiro.

DREAMS OF RIO - 2nd edition

I’ve been playing football for Karanba for six or seven years. Everybody here dreams of becoming a football player, but most of us get to a point where we have to choose another path and find a plan B.

My plan B is food. I like to cook. When I was younger, I always followed my mother to the kitchen and watched her. The first thing I learned to do was rice. When I got the opportunity to do courses through Dream Learn Work, a culinary course was on top of my list. At the moment I’m trying to learn how to do sushi and sashimi. It’s difficult, but I like it.

I now dream about having a Japanese restaurant in my neighbourhood. There are none in the area. It’s not what I originally had planned for the future, but now I think it would be fantastic to hear people talking about the nice Japanese food they can eat at Lohan’s restaurant in Trindade.

Lohan (17) Trindade, São Gonçalo - RJ

DREAMS OF RIO - 3rd edition

My dream is to become a photographer. I’ve done a basic photography course, which I loved. It’s nice when you find something that you like. To be able to work with passion and not because you have to.

I have just turned 21. I finished high school three years ago with a vocational diploma as a primary school teacher. But being a teacher is not what I want do for the rest of my life. Teachers in Brazil are not valued. The salary and the conditions are not compatible to the work you do. I want to continue on the path towards becoming a professional photographer.

During the week, I am doing an employment preparatory course at the Instituto Bola Pra Frente. It prepares you for the professional life and life in general. I need to finish this, because I want to do a professional photography course. I could do it on Saturdays, but then I have church, so I need to finish this first. I want to do all kinds of photography, events, kids, weddings, landscape – I love landscape photos!

Tayanne (21), Deodoro - RJ

After the interview Tayanne was enrolled in a professional photography course at SENAI Laranjeiras, a educational institution that Dream Learn Work has had a partnership with since our foundation. She will start in April 2016.