Iris Bente Froybu from Dream Learn Work introduces us and prepares the stage for Lenice Correia and Bruno Braz, two of our former students. It took both courage and tenacity in telling their stories in English, and were rewarded by massive applause.
November - 2013 Lenice and Bruno tell their stories at CSR seminar

The Norwegian General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro hosted a seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility on November 13th. Dream Learn Work was one of the participants, and we brought two of our former students to help us, Lenice Correia and Bruno Braz. They told the participants about their way through the Dream Learn Work program, their situations today and their hopes for the future.

Statoil: Trainees from Dream Learn Work a great success

Dream Learn Work not only sponsor educations, we also support our students in entering the labor market. One example is using our corporate network to help find trainee positions. Nara Borges, head of CSR in Statoil, commented on their experience with trainees from DLW. ”Having trainees from Dream Learn Work was a great success - not only for the students, but also for us. It was a great experience for all."

With an impressive speaker list, the seminar included participants from Brazilian authorities and institutions, as well as companies and social projects. Lenice Correia and Bruno Braz have completed the Tecnico e Seguranca em Trabalho course at SENAI, sponsored by Statoil through Dream Learn Work.

We are very grateful to the General Consulate for this opportunity to share our work.