March 2016 Meet our NGO partners

Dream Learn Work recruits through well-established NGOs that operate in different parts of Rio de Janeiro. Some have been with us from the start and some recently added to our list. But most importantly they all share our view on how to give a brighter future to young people: through education.

Instituto Bola Pra Frente
Established in 2000, the BPF Institute was our first NGO partner in Rio. They support approximately 1000 children between the ages of 6 and 17 using activities that involve sports, education, arts, culture and professional qualification. BPF is located in Guadalupe and receives participants from Marechal Hermes, Deodoro and Guadalupe, which are suburbs of Rio. The NGO was founded by Jorginho, a well-known professional football player from Rio de Janeiro. DLW has many participants from BPF due to their intensive focus on education and how the participants can change their lives through education and hard work.

Projeto Karanba
The Norwegian NGO based in Vista Alegre, São Gonçalo has been a Dream Learn Work partner since 2012. Karanba is a football school and has over the years started to focus more and more on education and have now English classes at their base. One of our educational partners provides English lessons to them free of charge. The NGO was established in 2006 and supports today around 1200 children between the ages of 6-25, offering activities linked to sport, mainly football. The goal is to create opportunities for a better life, and to strengthen and build community relationships, encourage personal development and promote positive values and attitudes.

Abrigo Rainha Silva
Abrigo Rainha Silvia was established in 1989 and has its base in Itaboraí. The NGO is a shelter for pregnant women and their children. Their goal is to give comprehensive and long term support to assist the women in helping themselves, educating and giving them responsibilities in order to change their futures. In 2015 Abrigo created a new program for young men in the community. They meet regularly and talk about morals, ethics, citizenship, labour culture and equality between men and women. DLW has been actively recruiting from Abrigo since 2012.

Luta Pela Paz
A new partnership has been established last year between DLW and Luta pela Paz (Fight for Peace). The NGO was founded in 2000 and has gyms in Maré, Rio de Janeiro and London and is present in over 25 countries via their Global Network of partner organisations and reaches 250,000 young people through this network. Fight for Peace uses boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to reach the potential of young people in communities that suffer from crime and violence.

Instituto Rogerio Steinberg
The NGO was established in 1997 and is based in Jardim Botanico. IRS focuses on identifying and developing children with special talents and high motivation, from families with limited financial resources. Cooperating with specialists and institutions in many areas, the organization has until today assisted 32 000 participants, and many of their students are able to graduate from acknowledged universities.