April 2015 New management

After three years in Dream Learn Work, general manager Iris Bente Frøybu leaves for new challenges. Dagny Nome takes her place.

"It is with mixed feelings that I leave my position in Dream Learn Work after nearly three years, as it has been a different, challenging and great learning experience for me. We have accomplished a lot, and many improvements have been implemented,” says Iris about her time in Dream Learn Work. “Now it is time to move on to new challenges, and I am very happy that I leave knowing that Dream Learn Work will be in the excellent hands of Dagny. Great days will continue to come, to the benefit of those who need it the most,” says the former general manager.

Halvard Idland, president of Dream Learn Work comments: “On behalf of Dream Learn Work I would like to thank Iris for the tremendous job she has done for the organization. DLW has been growing fast, and in orderly fashion Iris has been dedicating her time to make sure that we deliver quality in all areas. As an example, in the beginning of her period we were facing difficulties with high student drop-outs from some of our courses, as high as 50%. Today we are around 10%, which is better than most educational parameters. A fantastic achievement! Fortunately we can still tap on Iris’ experience, as has accepted to become board member of DLW Norway.”

Mr. Idland is very positive about the future for Dream Learn Work: “We are excited to welcome Dagny as the new general manager of Dream Learn Work. Dagny has already been doing an excellent job for us for more than two years, focusing especially on relations with corporate partners and on the WORK part of our operations. DLW is thus in very good hands, and in cooperation with our valuable partners, we are well set for further growth in providing education and a better future for an increasing number of young Brazilians.”

Dagny Nome is positive about the road ahead. “I am very excited about the future for Dream Learn Work. Our work is important, creating opportunities for young people who often do not see many alternatives for a better life.” She sees this point in time as an important moment. “Brazil needs more skilled workers. Iris has achieved a lot for Dream Learn Work, and we are ready now to take on more students, and to support each of them on their journey. We want to continue to involve our corporate partners in our work, and heading up this development is a big challenge and very satisfying,” Dagny says.

Dagny comes from the position as Manager for Corporate Partnerships and Communication in Dream Learn Work, which she has held since late 2012. She has a MSc in Intercultural Management and a background in reputation and corporate social responsibility consulting.