Our welders hired by DLW-partner VARD

Juliana and Edson Arthur in front, surrounded by three new colleagues, COO and Yard director Jan Brønsten (left) and Quality Manager Carlos Gonzales (right).

October - 2014 Our welders hired by DLW-partner VARD

Welding is attractive. It is an efficient way to qualify for an attractive qualification that can secure you a solid start in the job market. For Juliana, Edson Arthur and Marcelo their training through Dream Learn Work now means the start of a new life. The trio have just started their professional careers as welders at VARD in Niteroí.

Juliana wrote “I am starting my first job, and I am very happy. I would like to thank everyone who helped me and believed in my will to succeed and grow. Thank you everyone, because here I am standing firm and creating a future for my son and myself.”

All three have completed welding courses through our partnership with SENAI.

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