Joy and pride fill the room at the graduation ceremony for a class of Técnico em Segurança do Trabalho (Safety Technicians) in March 2013. This class was part of the previous social investment from Statoil. The new agreement creates more moments like these, contributing to the demand for qualified labour.
February - 2014 Statoil increases investment in Dream Learn Work

In November, Statoil and Dream Learn Work signed a new social investment agreement. This is the most extensive agreement in our partnership so far. It covers more than 70 individual course seats as well as a range of activities aimed at job searching and English training.

Social investments are the voluntary contributions Statoil make to strengthen local capacities and address social risks. Statoil has invested in courses through previous agreements, and has also taken on several trainees from Dream Learn Work. "Having trainees from Dream Learn Work was a great success - not only for the students, but also for us. It was a great experience for all," summarized Nara Borges, head of CSR at the CSR seminar arranged by the Norwegian General Consulate in November.