March 2015 A day at work

One of our main focuses in 2016 is to get our participants in the labour market. Last year Dream Learn Work developed a program called ‘’A DAY AT WORK’’. The main objective is that our participants have some contact with the world of work, showing them how to put knowledge into practice and how to interact with professionals. It is also a good way for them to network.

Luciano, one of our students recruited through Abrigo Rainha Silva in Itaborai, was the first participant to experience ‘’A DAY AT WORK’’. For the past year, he has studied to become an electrician and has been chosen by Kongsberg Maritime, one of our corporate partners, to spend a day at their test and repair lab. One of Kongsberg’s employees at the department showed Luciano around, supervising him. He experienced a day practicing what he had learnt during the courses.

A participant from Bola Pra Frente, who is studying administration, spent a day with Camila from the administration department at Kongsberg Maritime in their office in Centro. Thamires was very happy afterwards, explaining how she understood things better and how she was sure she had chosen the right career after Camila had shown her a real life experience.

At Dream Learn Work we identify students' dreams and help them in achieving their goals. Our work is only finished when we get the participant into the labour market. In times of economic downturn this has been a challenge, that is one of the reasons why we have widen our educational areas, so we have a bigger tap into the labour market. Through programs like ‘’A DAY AT WORK’’ the student will be more prepared for a future job interview, and this also enables the student to visualize and understand the reality of the subject he or she is studying.

A new partnership was also established with People9 Communication through our ‘’A DAY AT WORK’’ program. With the mission to find companies in the audiovisual sector, we found People9, a marketing and film production enterprise. Our first participants to work with them for two days were Wendell, who studies video editing, and Tayanne, whose big dream is to become a photographer. With People9 we had to extend the program from one to two days, due to their work schedule which is usually a day producing a commercial film and then editing the following day. Both participants found the experience very interesting and Tayanne later told us how this experience made her realize that she had chosen a subject that she loves, and that she is now convinced that photography is what she wants to work with for the rest of her life.

"A DAY AT WORK" is still a new program, but we can already see the positive results through our participants - the joy and happiness is very present after the experiences, not only for the participants, but also for the companies hosting the youngsters. Caio Livio, People9´s Managing Director, said that the experience was great for his employees and he is eager to continue hosting our participants.

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