50 new students
In the photo, the girls of the NGO Bola pra Frente, making c Cookies and chocolate course.
April 2015 50 new students

A new year brings new opportunities. For the first quarter of 2015, almost fifty young people have signed up to start professional training through Dream Learn Work. Our new students have been recruited from Abrigo Rainha Silvia, Bola pra Frente and Karanba, well-established projects in Rio de Janeiro. Good partnerships with our social partner organizations ensure smooth recruitment and school start.

Popular English courses
In São Gonçalo, we offer English classes through the language school ICBEU. This started in 2014. In February, we started a new class of 15 students, mainly from Karanba. The feedback has been good both from students and the teacher, and hopefully 15 new students can start next semester. The classes at ICBEU are part of a pilot program to offer basic English training to teenagers. DLW already offers advanced and intermediate English training. In Brazil, the English education is poor at public schools, and basic English is an important advantage in jobs at all levels

Cookies and chocolate
If English is popular, so are pastries and sweets. A group of young women from Guadalupe started gastronomy classes. People with certified gastronomy training are sought after in the job market and SENAI Tijuca offers a wide range of high quality courses in the area. Rustic breads, artistic cakes and chocolate creations are just some of the popular options.

With almost fifty new participants, the year has started well. Close co-operation and follow-up from our social partners makes a big difference during this recruitment and start period. As soon as new students get started, they are enrolled into our new program of individual follow-up. The program aims to help each participant to make the most out of their participation in the program.