LW participates in job fair at Karanba
- In the classes the students are getting great benefits of these new books.
- Link Languages class at Karanba.

September - 2015 Crossing borders - from “sim” to “yes”

A new Dream Learn Work partnership becomes an enriching experience for everyone involved. Through Link Languages, DLW can now offer professional English education at the site of social project Karanba. The class is fully pro bono, with time and teaching materials donated through Link Languages and Oxford University Press.

Link Languages, a professional language school, was introduced to DLW through our partner Rolls Royce Marine. Luciana Gevert, CEO at Link Languages comments; “It has been an amazing, enriching experience. The Dream Learn Work, Rolls Royce and Link Languages collaboration at Karanba offers a well structured, excellent opportunity to contribute meaningfully. All of us at Link Languages believe that through language education, we can provide better opportunities in the future for our young, upcoming generations,”

Currently twelve students are learning English from a professional Link Languages teacher at Karanba’s site once a week. Fabiano Estrela at Oxford University Press organised a donation of books to the English class. In this manner, we can offer a full English class absolutely for free.

Luciana Gevert also provides professional training to Karanba’s volunteers. The project offers daily English classes, organised by Norwegian volunteers.

Dream Learn Work offers English training to all interested DLW students. Karanbas on site English lessons provides a basis that prepare for entry into formal courses.