LW participates in job fair at Karanba
- At a early stage in the workshop Betina from Dream Learn Work talks about the project "My life, My dream" to the participants.
- One of the assignments was to take portrait pictures of each other.

September - 2015 Dreaming about a professional future ‘My Life - My Dream’ - 2nd edition

For the second year in a row Dream Learn Work arranges the motivation course ‘My life - My dream’. In May, we gathered 15 of our students to work with dreams for their future careers - and to invite them to take the first concrete steps to reach their dreams through our new program DLW Mentor.

Last year the participants used photography to express their dreams for a better future. This year the challenge was clear: Identify and express your professional dream. They were given a camera for the duration of the project. Through photography, film and storytelling, our students took a deeper look into what they would like for their own futures.

The project was built up with four different workshops offered by photographer Fabricio Cavalvanti. Between every workshop the participants would solve tasks in and around their own neighbourhoods. Interviewing someone who had taken a professional choice they found interesting was the first task. “Doing the interview made me think more about what I like about administration,” says Andreza, one of the participants. “I would like to be able to do the same job, too.” Later on in the course, the participants produced short films about their dream jobs.

DLW Mentor is a new program developed and offered by Dream Learn Work. Each participant is offered support to work towards their professional goals, both on the short and long term. Betina Søndergaard from DLW invited everyone to start this process of individual development with her. Already, we can see the first results of the mentoring relationships started in May.

With "My Life - My Dream" Dream Learn Work works directly with motivation to create the incentive and energy to proceed with realizing dreams and ambitions. Results from the workshops will be published later this year.