As part of DNB's corporate social responsibility, DNB is giving young people in Rio de Janeiro the chance of a better future.
GROUP NEWS(3/23/2015)
By Pål Jørgen Bakke / translated by Nathalie Samuelsen. Photo: Arne-Christian Haukeland. As an important player in society, we are also responsible for contributing towards sustainable development. In Brazil, DNB employees show that corporate social responsibility (CSR) can make a difference to the local community and make us more proud to work in DNB.
March 2015 Making dreams come true

Earlier this year DNB wrote an article about Dream Learn Work and its developement since the organisation in 2006 was established by Norwegian companies in Rio de Janeiro. Read more about this underneath:

What started as a sponsorship agreement has become something much bigger.

Dream Learn Work helps young people from the poorest parts of Rio to get an education and is adapted to the needs of the local labour market. DNB was involved in the establishment of the organisation, which was created by Norwegian companies with operations in Rio de Janeiro.

"What started as a sponsorship agreement has become something much bigger."

"By participating in Dream Learn Work, we have become much more aware of our role in Brazilian society, and what started as a sponsorship agreement has become something much more for the team in Rio," says Arne-Christian Haukeland, head of the Rio office.

Impressive contribution
He is impressed by the efforts made by these young people. Sergio (25) explains:

"I live in Mare (one of the favelas with the highest crime rate in Rio) and get up at 6 am every morning to be at work at 8 am. When I am finished at 5 pm, I take the bus to the university, which takes one hour. I attend classes there from Monday to Friday, from 6 pm to 10 pm. Afterwards, I take the bus home and go to bed around midnight. On Saturdays, I study English. I know that if I continue for another four years, I will realise my dreams."

"I know that if I continue for another four years, I will realise my dreams."

We give time and money Arne-Christian Haukland is on the board of directors of Dream Learn Work, and explains that for DNB this is not just about providing financial support:

"In addition to money, DNB employees spend one working day each year to work for the organisation. Last year, we baked biscuits which were given to the students as a Christmas present to students who participate in the programme, and recently several of the office’s employees visited one of the favelas to attend the ceremony where students who had completed their courses received their diplomas.

GINGERBREAD DNB STYLE: Marcelo Alvarenga and Adriana Duarte (left) from DNB and employees in Dream Learn Work surprised the Brazilian students with Norwegian Christmas cookies.

Proud to help
Haukland is pleased that DNB can help create hope for a better future, but the initiative is also important for building a positive internal culture.

"We learn more about how DNB’s sponsorship contribution really makes a difference for many people in less developed areas around Rio. That employees also get involved and work for the organisation in their spare time shows that we have hit a nerve. This makes us proud to work in DNB and reinforces what DNB values represent with respect to CSR. Our aim in Brazil is to be successful in business for us and our customers, but we also wish to give something back to the community we are a part of."

The response among the employees shows that Haukeland has hit the bull’s eye.

"I am immensely proud of these young people, who work so hard to make their dreams a reality, but it also makes me very happy and proud to be able to help as a DNB employee. I know that the company I work for makes a difference in the lives of these young Brazilians," says Adriana Duarte.

"It also makes me very happy and proud to be able to help as a DNB employee."

The significance of DNB’s support was made clear to Arne-Christian Haukeland when he received an email from Rafael, one of the students who had received an education through the programme, the day after the graduation ceremony:

"Many thanks for a fantastic day yesterday. I am so grateful for the help I received through Dream Learn Work, and that you help us to realise our dreams – dreams that many young Brazilians never have the chance to fulfil. You have given me the opportunity to realise my dreams of being an employee in a good company, with a decent wage. Many, many thanks!"

DREAMS CAN COME TRUE: Rafael (24) receives his diploma from Dream Learn Work, represented by Halvard Idland from Pareto Securities.