DLW Gastronomic Workshop

abr 26, 2021

In the beginning of April, 4 of our participants had a super opportunity to meet and make Hot Dog in a Pot! The gastronomic workshop was held by the Instituto Gourmet – Brasil, at the Itaboraí/RJ unit. The event marked the reencounter of some of our DLW’ers from the gastronomy area, back in the kitchen with specialized professionals.

We cannot fail to praise the commitment and perseverance of our participants in continuing to pursue their goals and dreams, via professional qualification, even in the face of adverse times.

We must keep taking care of ourselves, so that as soon as possible we can have full classes and different outdoor activities together again.

Special thanks to Instituto Gourmet Itaboraí for the opportunity and quality of the workshop. Our DLW’s youngsters loved it!