Our mission is to provide youth from less developed areas opportunities for a better future through education and employment.

Background – companies rising to a social challenge
Dream Learn Work is a non-profit organization created by Norwegian companies operating in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We offer young Brazilians from less developed areas a chance for a better future through education, contributing to corporate recruitment needs for qualified personnel.

2016 marked ten years since representatives of six Norwegian companies in Rio de Janeiro accepted the challenge set by Norwegian Minister of Development Erik Solheim: to foster social change. The goal was (and continues to be) to address the lack of skilled labour and, at the same time, to create social impact, changing young lives for the better.

DOF Subsea (formerly NorSkan Offshore), Jotun Coatings, DNV GL (formerly Det Norske Veritas), Kongsberg, DnB and Vard (formerly STX OSV) were the founders of Dream Learn Work. Today, a wide range of companies participate in and support our work, assisting young people in acquiring vocational and life skills and helping them to develop further and achieve their professional aspirations.

In the past decade, the Brazilian government has invested in better access to professional qualifications. However, research shows that the shortage of skilled labour remains a major issue for companies in the country and that there is the need to improve the access and quality of education. Therefore, the challenges that inspired Dream Learn Work’s founding remain.

After ten years, we have developed a solid, sustainable project with a tested and verified model, successful in giving youth the opportunities for a better future for themselves and for their families.

Findout more about DLW history here.

“It is a great pleasure to look back and see that the journey has led to the recognition of the importance of our work.”

– Halvard Idland, President



Halvard Idland, Pareto Securities
Halvard Idland

Alexandre Imperial, DNV-GL

Paulo Van Der Ven, Equinor

David Richardson, Transocean

Flavia Maia, Gard and WISTA

Jeanette Lorvik (secretary)


Claudio Goulard, DNB
Claudio Goulard, DNB

Victor Dutra, DNV-GL


Halvard Idland, Pareto Securities
Halvard Idland
Helle Moen, Eggs Design
Helle Moen, Eggs Design
Arne-Christian Haukeland, DNB
Arne-Christian Haukeland, DNB
Jan Tore Linstad, Kongsberg
Jan Tore Linstad, Kongsberg

Dagny M. Nome, Factlines

Iris B. Froybu (secretary)


Jeanette has a degree in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing awarded by Southampton Solent University and a Masters degree in Media and Communication awarded by London Metropolitan University. For her master thesis she researched Cross-Cultural Communication between Norwegians and Brazilians, and her special interest in this area is due to her mother being Brazilian and her father Norwegian. After university Jeanette worked as a volunteer at the Karanba project, one of Dream Learn Work’s NGO partners. There she worked with internal and external communications, focusing on integrating the Brazilian and Norwegian staff. During her studies Jeanette has done various internships. In 2011 she was an intern at The Norwegian Embassy in Lisbon, where she worked mostly with media, communication and events. At the Embassy Jeanette had the first opportunity to work in a multi-lingual work environment where Norwegian, Portuguese and English was spoken every day. She has also completed internships during her journalism studies in the Norwegian magazines ”Vagabond” and ”Sorgenfri”.

Jeanette has been working for DLW since 2015 when she started as Communication and Project Manager. In 2018 she took over as General Manager

Jhonantan Mier
Jhonantan Mier is a native of São Luís/MA and the son of a Brazilian mother and an American father. He is a Specialist in Cities, Urban Policies and Social Movements by IPPUR-UFRJ and a bachelor’s degree in Public Management from UFRJ. From an early age, his family encouraged him and showed the importance of access to education as a fundamental instrument to combat the glaring socioeconomic disparities in our society and that he experienced closely in childhood. With that, questions arose and a desire to contribute and be part of something with a greater purpose, which could help to change the reality of many lives that did not have the right access. These issues made his academic, professional and life purpose choices the continuous pursuit for economic and social development.

Yasmim is a Mechanical Engineer and has been working for Dream Learn Work since June 2014, as a participant in our educational program since 2012. In 2011 she started playing football for one of DLW’s partner NGOs and was soon referred to become a project participant. She is an engaged and motivated student and has successfully concluded 8 courses through DLW. At DLW she is responsible for the organisation of the transport for our students and uses the Insightly platform to register participants and projects, keeping all the information up to date. Due to her history as a participant, she often assists in evaluations of our students. Yasmim is also part of DLW’s external mentor program at a partner multinational company.

Yasmin Villalba completed her high school degree at the Walter Orlandine State School in December 2017, in January 2018 she discovered that she had passed entrance exams (ENEM) to study history in different universities, however she chose to study at the State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ.

Joining Uerj, she had to give up training in yachting, which was a way of being close to the sea, these activities were practiced at the Instituto Rumo Náutico Grael Project where she took courses such as Diesel Mechanics, Outboard Mechanics and Electrical and Electronic Installations for boats and sailboats, and it was through the Greal Project that Yasmin met Dream Learn Work, and was soon selected as a participant.

At the beginning of 2019 she was invited by Dream Learn Work to attend a workshop about Shipping and soon she was delighted with the profession, with the chance to take the course she found herself again close to her passion, the sea!

With a lot of effort doing 8 subjects per semester at the Faculty plus the Young Talent of Navigation course, in November 2019 she completed the course with 100% of success and being classified as the best student in the Young Talent of Navigation class class of 2019, being nominated to work on the Cruise Season by MSC where she stayed until March (when the season was over).

Still in March, she was hired by Dream Learn Work to work as an Intern, being able to put part of her acquired knowledge since she is in her 4th period of Degree in History. In which she attended electives classes such as Environmental Education, Popular Education, Public Policies, Ethnic and Racial Relations and Sociology of Education Subjects that are not mandatory in his curriculum but essential to understand the learning need of young people from different social strata, to be not only a teacher but also an educator.


Dreaming together to make reality



Photographer and Journalist

Heloisa Guimarães Peixoto Nogueira

Portuguese text proofing Graduated in Business Administration, with a Master’s degree in Marketing and PhD in Brazilian Culture. Heloísa was a higher education and post graduate professor in the areas of Business Administration and Public Administration, which involved planning, implementation and management of distance and face-to-face courses. She participates in social projects related to educational development from the perspective of critical vision, professional training and citizenship.

Portuguese language corrector

Bianca Gomes

Consultant on marketing project


Support to develop social media visibility

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