DLW’ers against COVID-19

abr 17, 2020

DLW is very proud of our work and mission with all our youngsters over the years. Even in the most adverse moments, our organization can still count with the collective collaboration of our partners, volunteers and participants.

DLW’ers are key in this role, they serve as energy and motivation for us to continue moving forward and constantly seeking to improve our performance and impact.
We also feel enormous satisfaction when they engage and take their place in acting and assisting in the local development in their respective territories. Producing and reproducing the citizen awareness that we need so much every day in our society.”Helping people has been my way of dealing with this difficult moment and it has become something I want to do for my entire life. In that short time I was able to mature on many issues in my life and learn a new meaning for myself, which motivates me to help each more people have been a wonderful experience helping my fellow DLW participants and the residents of my territory, ” says Thaís Andrade (20), a DLW participant recruited from our partner NGO Luta Pela Paz, in Complexo da Maré.

Thaís helped at a crucial moment, and volunteered promptly to be responsible for receiving the supplies and applying the entire protocol for cleaning and sanitizing the grocery staples, cleaning and hygiene kits and delivering them to the participants of the Complexo da Maré territory. Being a focal person, together with the DLW team, in our logistics operation, in that community. Making sure that all participants and family members could receive the supplies in an organized and safe way.

Thanks to the collective commitment of our partners from local NGOs, financial partners, volunteers, donors/supporters and participants, we managed to reach the 1st goal of collecting material and distribution, and we are continuing the campaign to ensure more grocery staples, cleaning and hygiene kits for these families, given the health system and socioeconomic impacts during the COVID-19 period.