nov 11, 2019

DLW DNA, launched this month, is Dream Learn Work’s newest project and aims to promote interaction among youngsters from the different territories where DLW operates and to develop in participating students’ skills that are important to the professional world, as well as furthering the relationship of the institution with all the youngsters through the students of the project.

Students of DLW DNA will act as reference youngster in their home NGOs and will be an inspiration to other participants, as well as role models for new recruits. They will be student s’ representatives and will be primarily responsible for helping to organize events, attend visits, chat circles and assist with recruitments. In this way, they will develop important skills for the job market, such as communication, responsibility and organisation, will build a good network and have many unique experiences that will surely add to their professional and personal lives.

Therefore, DLW DNA intrinsically relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which have been a major focus for DLW in 2019. The institution directly impacts five goals related to education, economics and equality, namely: 1 – poverty eradication, 4 – quality education, 5 – gender equality, 8 – decent work and economic growth, and 10 – reduced inequalities.

Applications were open to all active students and many excellent candidates applied. The youngsters from each NGO selected by the DLW team were carefully chosen based on their profile and answers to the questions on the application questionnaire. The first meeting with all the selected took place on November 6th and the students raised extremely pertinent points on the subjects discussed and were very engaged.

In addition, the first task of the DLW DNAs was presented: to organize the end of the year celebration of DLW participants that will take place in December and preparations already began with brainstorming and task division. As this first meeting demonstrated, the event is bound to be a success, as is this new project.