Dreaming towards a better future

jul 5, 2019

Meet Dream Learn Work (DLW), a non-profit organization created by the Norwegian shipping industry based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the Blue Economy Hall, DLW will have a stand promoting their work towards young adolescents in Rio, offering educational opportunities and a fighting chance in the labour market.

12 years ago DLW was established by DNB, DNV-GL, DOF, Jotun, Kongsberg and Vard, to create work force, offering an opportunity to Brazilian youth from the slum areas. Today, DLW has helped almost 1000 youngsters with education and giving them tools to become qualified professional. DNB, VARD and DNV-GL are founder companies that employed participants from DLW after finishing their education trail with us. Leandro, Maxwell and Rafael are some examples on how education can change the future for these talents, create work force and impact lives.


Rafael, working in DNB:

Through our mentoring program, Rafael, became a mentee, having the leader for DNB in Brazil, Arne-Christian Haukeland, as mentor. Soon he had completed a technical course in Administration, but ended up as a cashier at an exchange office. Initially a small step, for someone that  would have a promising future!

“When I arrived at DNB Luxembourg, I decided to get Rafael here on a three-week internship. It would give him valuable experience and help him find a better job in Rio. That happened last summer. At that time, we had a lot to do in connection with auditing, and Rafael worked with our compliance team. He did such a good job in the three weeks that our compliance officer asked to keep him.

 DLW’s mentor program gives the participants an opportunity to meet professionals that are already in the labour market. One of the biggest results are always the interview training and CV adjustments the participant does during the mentorprogram, and this is crucial to be able to enter the labour market. For Rafael, this also was one of the highlights during his time in DLW.

Rafael does a great job with us and gets help to make a better life for himself. This is a story where everyone is a winner,” says Arne-Christian Haukeland from DNB.


rafael foto dnv (

Rafael in DNV Luxembourg working with finance


Leandro, young apprentice in DNV-GL:

“I joined DNV-GL in March, 2019. It has been very pleasurable and satisfying to be in a good working environment and doing what I like. My co-workers is also very important for me. They are always willing to help me with subjects that arise and help and teach me to do some tasks that I have not yet learned. It has been an exchange of experience and very enriching for me. Both professionally and in building my autonomy as a human being as well.

I am very grateful to DLW for giving me this opportunity to qualify and enable me to be able to be here now, as a young apprentice, and to feed my dream to continue walking and growing in the area. I believe that, surrounded by trained professionals, continued professional qualification and the possibility of gaining experience at DNV-GL, I’m sure I’m on the right track.”

Leandro has been studying administrative courses through DLW for a few years now and has participated in various events that prepares the participants to the formal world such as a HR workshop and a Human Development course.

“The biggest part DLW does is financial support, but identifying their professional dream, having individual follow-up throughout the program and preparing them to the labour market are crucial for our results having a 96% conclusion rate on our courses and 51% of our active students in the labour market. Brazil is marked with two realities and extreme social differences. These young adults will not survive in the formal market if we don’t prepare them. In the slum areas there is a lack of organisation and a formal reality, which makes it hard for the adolescents to compete with others. In DLW we work a lot with integration of people in the labour market and this is essential for us to complete the circle of Dream, Learn and Work,” says Jeanette Lorvik, General Manager for Dream Learn Work in Rio de Janeiro.


Photo text: One of DLW’s participants Joana, at her graduation ceremony and Jeanette Lorvik,
General Manager in Brasil.


DNV-GL has been with DLW since the start and shares DLW’s vision on how to include these adolescents in the maritime industry. “As one of the co-founders of DLW, DNV GL is glad to provide a work opportunity to one of DLW students. Leandro has joined us earlier this year, and it has been a very fulfilling experience for us. Not only because of Leandro’s excellent attitude, behaviors and commitment, but also to be able to help a young professional that worked really hard to get to this stage of his career. We are looking forward to replicating this positive experience in the future.” Alex Imperial, VP, O&G South America


WhatsApp Image 2019-05-14 at 12.05.41

Leandro at the DNV-GL office in downtown Rio


Maxwell in VARD:

“In 2013 I started to be part of the DLW project and, from the star, I already felt welcomed, I took a course of naval electrician and after that, another one. This time to become an Electrical Technician, where I became a professional in the area.

With DLW and the corporate partnership that it has with VARD, in 2015, I was referred for an interview. Since then, I have been part of the professional staff of the company. A work environment where I am very happy for being at.

I thank God first for giving me this opportunity and DLW to help, support and encourage young people to develop and improve professionally. “


imagem vard maxwell

Maxwell working on effective electrical solutions at VARD