Dreams Come True

out 29, 2019

As part of the final stage of DLW’s cycle, divided into the Dream, Learn and Work phases, the institution seeks to introduce the student to the job market. This introduction happens in a variety of ways, such as visits to partner companies, workshops and mentoring programs. All of these activities are fundamental for students, as they make them more prepared to begin their professional journey.

Recently DLW have been able to go a step further, as many partner companies have been asking for resumes to recruit our students and with each new opportunity more qualified and determined youngsters get recommend. This is how Karol, Marceli and Rômulo, DLW students, were hired as young apprentices at Subsea 7, a maritime-oriented engineering, construction and services company and a global leader in delivering offshore projects and services to the energy sector.

A few months ago DLW’s team conducted interviews with these three participants to help better understand the impact we have on their lives, as well as to give students a voice by sharing their stories with the world. On this occasion, Marceli talked about how before she met DLW she had no dreams and thought she couldn’t study or work, because her life had to be about staying home with her daughter. After becoming a DLW student, she says she has a completely different perspective, knowing for sure that a woman can be whatever she wants and dreaming of a better future for herself and her daughter. Now, as a young apprentice at Subsea she is closer to making this dream come true.

Rômulo said in the interview how he’s sure about the importance of education and, therefore, he gives 100% in everything he does, not being any different in Subsea 7. His biggest motivation is to prevent his future children from ging through the same as he had to in childhood and as a teenager, and, like Marceli, his new job also brings him closer to that goal. Karol said that before getting to know DLW she was lost in her professional life and her studies, but that thanks to the institution she discovered the maritime area, which became her dream, and joined Subsea 7, a world-renowned company in this sector.

DLW is sure that they’ll be very successful at Subsea 7. The goal is for all students to have this kind of experience and more and more partner companies to recruit from Dream Learn Work.