Good Deeds Day Fair

jun 6, 2019

Annually, DLW takes part in the international event Good Deeds Day, arranged in Brazil by Atados. This year’s NGO fair (RJ edition), was held on Sunday, April 7th, at Pq. Garota de Ipanema – an amazingly beautiful place for this type of event. Near one of the most famous beaches in the world! It was a great opportunity to promote our NGO and for general public and to understand the importance and impact of our social work and other organizations as well!


The fair is meant to be a bridge between volunteers and NGOs. People who would like to volunteer simply go around from stand to stand to learn about the different organizations and pick the one they find interesting or can identify themselves with. Then, they sign up and volunteer work for the NGOs through Atados’ website.


On Sunday, at the NGO fair, DLW was represented by the two project coordinators, Jhonantan Mier and Yasmim Nogueira, and also had the presence and participation of our participant recruited from our NGO partner from Luta Pela Paz/Fight for Peace, Joana Dark.


Joana, today, is already inserted in the job market, and with her own clients due to various capacities and courses in the area of massage and health, via DLW’s opportunities for a better future through education and employment, and also due to all of her dedication and commitment throughout this process. Currently she is studying at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, also in the health area.


The three chatted with many interested and curious people during the day explaining the work and importance of the work and continuity of the actions of Dream Learn Work and the trajectory of our organization. Letting people know that DLW is a Norwegian NGO, and that we offer the youth, from less developed areas, to better future through education and employment.


The event was and is very important for the approach and union of different organizations of the 3rd sector in the fight against the socioeconomic disparities in our society and trying to make it a better place for all of us. In which access to education and qualification continues to be produced and reproduced!