I Choose Education

abr 15, 2021

Studies by UNDP point Brazil as the 10th in the list in terms of social inequality, with structural social problems and an educational system that is still very precarious.

These pandemic times expose an abyss between rich and poor and turns the world’s eyes to a deeper analysis of the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on the world’s access to quality education. According to UNESCO, more than 1.5 billion children and youngsters around the world have had their studies affected.

Dream Learn Work seeks to work continuously to help our DLW’ers and we use food safety campaigns, mental health support via volunteers and access to quality education and professional qualification strategies as an emphasis. We continue to monitor and encourage the engagement of our participants, even in the face of such an adverse scenario in our country.

We thank everyone for collaborating in networks, volunteering, corporate partnerships. Thank you for adding to this collective construction.

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We continue together, but keeping social distance and collective/individual responsibility up to date.