Kongsberg Maritime Brasil receives DLW participants.

out 14, 2017

Late September DLW was invited to gather a group of participants studying courses that could lead to the oil and gas sector. A group of 10 went to Kongsberg’s headquarter in Rio de Janeiro and was welcomed by Kristian Froevold, Daniel dos Santos Botelho and Mercio Luiz Tavares.

These visits enlightens the DLW participants about different work areas and expands their vision on what they actually can work with in the future.

”If you study mechanics, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only work as a mechanic. When applying to job applications you need to sell that you are a fast learner and that you have a personality that would fit to the job description and the team. We have hired people because of their personality, not only because of your graduation. It is important though to have courses or a degree to show that you have the ability to learn,” Daniel explained during the presentation.

After the presentation about Kongsberg and how they operate the participants visited their simulator where they could ”test drive” a ship.

Thank you on behalf of our participants for the experience Kongsberg.