jul 16, 2020

June 28th  is the international day of LGBTQI+ pride. Despite the achievements, prejudice is still an issue that makes it difficult to enter the labor market. Even so, stories that overcome that encourage us to continue fighting for inclusion.
See the report below from our participant:

“I am a resident of the Muquiço Community, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, I got to know Gastromotiva through DLW, because I am part of the youngsters who have the opportunity to study through DLW’s partnerships with educational institutions and local civil society organizations working in vulnerable territories that are sponsored by DLWs corporate partnerships. I had a lot of difficulties, one of them was to reconcile work and study, as I worked at Beco do Rato as a Bartender at night, and took the course at Gastromotiva in the morning. It was a very tiring period, but with the help of everyone and a lot of perseverance I did it!” says Yuri Silva (21), graduated in the Professional Cook course with an emphasis on Social Gastronomy.