Maritime Agent: Classification list and 1st day of class.

maio 9, 2019

The list with the approved names for the Course: Maritime Agent 2019 – YOUNG TALENTS OF NAVIGATION, has been released!

We congratulate ALL of our DLW participants who took the test and were able to succeed in it!

The inaugural class happened on February 11th and classes will be held from 6pm to 9pm. Mondays  thru Thursdays.

The tests were applied at the Headquarters of the Union of Maritime Navigation Agencies and Related Activities of the State of Rio de Janeiro – SindaRio ( and the institution responsible for the selection was Instituto Mar e Portos – IMAPOR (

Students will receive a scholarship assistance during the course, digital material, english classes, as well as being prepared, throughout the course, to follow the career of a maritime agent! As well as discussing various topics on occupational health and safety, port state control, interface of the maritime agent and the ship visitors, etc., students will also have ethics and citizenship along the course.

The agent is the indispensable element for the operation of any merchant ship that climbs a port. He or she is the professional who assists the ship’s commander to comply with all legal requirements of the port in order to allow the ship its operation. More than that, the shipping agent becomes a partner of the ship’s crew, providing solutions to a huge list of demands, many of them from last minute orders.

Approximately 90% of our foreign trade flows by sea, all this passes through the capable hands of the maritime agent!

Another partnership and opportunity that DLW has been able to increasingly offer young Brazilians from less developed areas a fair chance to fight for a better future through education, professional qualification and employment! Thank you SindaRio and IMAPOR for the partnership!


Congratulations and good luck, future maritime agents!