Meetings and workshops with NGOs that will participate in Good Deeds Day 2019!

abr 2, 2019

Annually, DLW takes part in the international event Good Deeds Day, arranged in Brazil by  Atados. This year’s NGO fair (RJ edition), will be held on Sunday, April 7th, at Pq. Garota de Ipanema — an amazingly beautiful venue for this type of event. Near one of the most famous beaches in the world! A great opportunity to promote our NGO and for visitors and general public to understand the importance and impact of our social work!

The fair is meant to be a bridge between volunteers and NGOs. People who would like to volunteer simply go around from stand to stand to learn about the different organisations and pick the one they find interesting or can identify themselves with. Then, they sign up and offer volunteer work for the NGOs through Atados’ website.

During the week after the fair, all the NGOs that took part arrange social actions so the volunteer can participate in their work. We will have our Good Deeds Day action on Wednesday, April 10th, at Aterro do Flamengo, where we will gather volunteers representing various professions with participants, so they could exchange experiences and learn how to enter the labour market through your network.

This year, DLW participated in 3 meetings before the NGO fair day and the social actions week of good deeds, after the fair. The purpose of these meetings was to promote and enable participating NGOs to reach a larger audience and to optimize the tools for that reach! We really liked this initiative from Atados. The DBA launch meeting, the action creation and planning meeting, and the mentoring & communication workshop, had a huge importance so that we could make our participation the best as possible!

Thank you Atados for this initiative and partnership!

We will see all of you at the NGO Fair and in the social actions week!