Navigating to the Future

set 20, 2019

In partnership with Instituto Mar e Portos – IMAPOR we are carrying out a Maritime Agent course, focused on training people to become agents, something unprecedented in Brazil. Simone, one of our main contacts at IMAPOR and who participates a lot in the daily lives of youngsters at the course, spoke a little about this experience:

I’ve been an IMAPOR employee for almost thirty years and I’ve been working for two decades with corporate education, which is aimed at entrepreneurs already in the maritime sector. One of the biggest challenges of this project in partnership with DLW is precisely this difference in audience, as we are now dealing with young people with no prior knowledge of the area. However, the challenging points are exactly what make it all more interesting.

As for the partnership with DLW itself, all I have to say is that it has been very happy, allowing us to solve together all the issues that come our way. There are still many other positive highlights, but the plurality of ideas and stories is one of the main ones to me. This diversity creates a very beneficial exchange for everyone involved, including us at IMAPOR. Other than that, students’ interest and willingness to learn are very remarkable.

Having said all that, I can affirm that this course is being fantastic, with an extremely positive outcome. The DLW mission that we also embraced, to create a better future for these young people, is wonderful, after all one day I also needed a first chance and being able to offer this first opportunity to others is very significant to me.

Finally, I think it is worth mentioning that not only the youngsters will benefit greatly, but the area of navigation will as well. There is no other similar course in Brazil, so these people will be unique in the job market, which will open many doors for them.


Simone de Oliveira Figueiredo (50), Rio de Janeiro – RJ.