Never give up your dreams!

jan 21, 2021

Pedro Henrique, our gastronomy participant continues to fly high and showing the importance of insisting, persisting and resisting are fundamental when looking for their respective goals.

Congratulations Pedro,  he completed 1 year in Portugal, last July, working with what you love. For sure everything will be worth it. The distance from the family, the daily challenges, but the feeling of achievement in what you believe no one can take that away from you.

With DLW, he took several courses on the gastronomic area, courses in institutions such as Gastromotiva and Senac RJ. Today Pedro is a professional cook and every day he learns more to be his best version of professional and person.

During the times of COVID-19 in Portugal, with the kitchens closed, the participants found alternatives to go by during such adverse times. Today, many months after allowing himself to aim for bigger flights, he still has reasons to dream and conquer.