mar 14, 2018

In May Dream Learn Work started the application process to participate on Global Giving Accelerator program, an online fundraising opportunity for nonprofits around the world. We were selected to participate at the September Accelerator and to succeed, we had to raise, at least, 5,000 USD from a minimum of 40 donors between 11th and 29th September. If we met this threshold, we would be permanently featured on Global Giving site, where we would have the potential to benefit from corporate relationships, connect with new donors, and access online fundraising tools.

After a lot of work, receiving training, building a strategy and reaching out to advocates and prospective donors we are proud to announce that we have secured a permanent spot at Global Giving website.

It is in times of crises that we find new solutions, and DLW has definitely proven that the organisation does not slow down in difficult times, but increases its numbers and the quality of work. DLW has never had better numbers when you look into course completion rates or the number of students working. The downturn presented a challenge and we have been seeking innovative ways to fundraise, this time: crowdfunding.

Being accepted to Global Giving platform means that we can receive donations from all over the world from people interested in helping us educate young Brazilians with less-opportunities. The great thing about Global Giving is that DLW can create a diversity of campaigns to fund several projects or a specific participant profile, for example.

Quote from Ana: “Becoming a permanent partner of Global Giving is a very important achievement. The crowdfunding site is focused on nonprofits, opening the perspectives to showcase our work to new audiences, giving us access to training and a great tool kit.” “The weeks prior and the campaign were super busy, but I feel very proud and happy that the team worked well together and that we have achieved what we were aiming for”.

Please enter our page on Global Giving for more information on how you can donate to Dream Learn Work.