New Kincaid Partnership

mar 16, 2020

It is with great pride and joy that we announce a new financial partner for our organization!

In 2020, Kincaid – Mendes Vianna Advogados has decided to start investing in Dream Learn Work.

They have been helping our organization with legal issues on a pro bono basis, and have always supported us in our mission to give young people from non privileged areas opportunities for a better future through access to education and professional qualification, since day one.

In recent years, they have shared their office space to hold our traditional annual graduation ceremony for our participants. A very special moment, that manages to synthesize all the struggle and conquest of our young people in the pursuit of their dreams.

The DLW team thanks Camila Mendes Vianna Cardoso and all of the Kincaid workforce for it’s partnership and attention to our cause.