Next stop Portugal

jul 26, 2019

In an interview with DLW, Pedro Henrique talked a little about his past, present and future and also shared some of his dreams and expectations. Check it out:

 “Although I grew up in Ipanema, I shared a room with my mom in the apartment where she worked as a maid and, like many poor Brazilian boys, I wanted to be a football player as a kid. However, when I grew up I realized that that was not really my dream. I tried other paths but it was just when I found the cuisine that I truly found myself. My mom is an excellent cook, but she never had the opportunity to study. DLW gave me that opportunity and with their help I took many courses at the gastronomic area, which made me get a job as a cook.

I’ve always been very dedicated and hardworking but at some point I felt overwhelmed and thought about giving up. It was thanks to the help of my family, friends and DLW that I was able to push through and move on.

I’ve worked at many big restaurants in Rio, where I won important awards and grew a lot, so much that now I received a work opportunity in Portugal! It’s going to be a challenge but I know every notorious chef had to overcome challenges, which is why I’m very excited. My dream now is to become an international known chef, a reference, and I think this will be the first step.

I wanted to give the younger participants the same message I want to give my daughter: be humble, show interest, and invest in your education that you will go far.”


Pedro Henrique (28), Rio de Janeiro – RJ