jun 14, 2019

Dream Learn Work would like to thank everyone from the Nor-Shipping organization. Receiving the privilege of the invitation and just being able to show some of our work and results to thousands of people who participated in the event throughout the days, was something memorable and certainly special. It was, and still is, a feeling of immense value to be in the midst of all this and to share with all and join forces in combating the social inequalities of Brazil.

“It’s been an amazing experience to be at Nor-Shipping and Dream Learn Work has been able to connect with many new companies and people. The fair itself has had a huge focus on sustainability and that has really reflected the stands, not only in the Blue Economy Hall, but generally at the fair. The companies are more eager to help projects with sustainable solutions and we in Dream Learn Work have really felt that during the whole week. People are thinking more globally and are happy to help social projects on the other side of the world. Norwegians are understanding that we need to think global if we are going to have a change and the companies are taking action and responsibility,” says Jeanette Lorvik, General Manager of Dream Learn Work.

We would like to also thank the team at Nor-Shipping, especially Silje Bareksten, Head of Sustainability and Technology for all the attention and care with us, always lifting forwards the blue economy and women empowerment in the maritime community. We learned so much and are more motivated than ever to continue our focus on UN Sustainability Goal Number 5: Gender equality.

Dream Learn Work would also like to mention Flavia Maia, President of WISTA Brazil. A woman that has helped us out tremendously in creating maritime education and mentality, with fundamentals in pedagogical and professional support for our participants through the WISTA organization, and has also been able to connect us with so many interesting  people and main players in the maritime market that think alike.

Diversity, equality, empowering women to study, work and qualify themselves in technical, maritime and corporate industries was something that we saw that many companies at Nor-Shipping 2019 and the organization itself, embraces these topics. And that is something that DLW will always want to be part of!

Together, we can continue our mission to give more and better opportunities for young Brazilians, from vulnerable territories, a fighting chance in the labor market, through education & employment. Thank you for dreaming with us.


1. OPPORTUNITIES – Give educational opportunities to minority groups in the slum areas of Rio de Janeiro.

2. DREAM – Use the dream to capture their interest, give them equal rights and motivate them qualify themselves and graduate.

3. INTEGRATION – DLW Integrates the participants in the labour market and in a reality outside their community.

4. GENDER EQUALITY – Equality between genders, giving girls the opportunity to follow their professional dream, enter male dominated markets and become financially independent.

5. DIVERSITY – Promote diversity in the labour market to give  minority groups a space, increase their self-confidence through workshops and building a bridge to the labour market and giving them tools to change their future.

A big thank you to all our collaborators and supporters! Without you we could not have achieved so much.


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