Partnership with Brunel

nov 14, 2019

Following the successful visits at Brunel in early October, DLW contacted employees who participated in the activities during those two days to learn more about what they think of the company’s partnership with the institution.

The overall feedback from the team was that the partnership with DLW is being very beneficial for both parties and it has a lot of potential to generate both professional and personal growth for everyone involved. Everyone emphasized that the work promoted by Dream Learn Work is commendable and strongly expressed how honoured they are to be able to help with this mission.

In this sense, most said they felt very fulfilled when students, at the end of the activities, talked about what they learned and the confidence they gained to take the next steps in their professional lives. The team commented that they were very happy to follow the youngsters’ evolution during those two days of activities.

Another highlight was the exchange that took place with the participants; it was a consensus among all employees that the experience of meeting the youngsters and their stories was very rewarding and life changing. For Brunel it was wonderful to see the willpower of these young people, despite all the difficulties they go through. They reported that they were inspired by students’ commitment to overcome adversity and pursue academic and professional development. In addition, participants were described as very polite, attentive, participative, hardworking and dedicated to achieving their dreams and goals.

Furthermore, according to the staff, the institution does an extreme important work to the country and deserves to be praised for its seriousness and commitment to the young students who participate in the project. Again unanimously, they said they would recommend the organization to other companies, which can certainly collaborate to offer even more courses and workshops for these dedicated and committed youngsters.