Partnership with Wood

nov 8, 2019

DLW reached our corporate partner contacts to understand what they think about our partnership. Ana Cecília Xavier, Senior Communications Analyst at Wood, a DLW partner since 2015, spoke a little about what this experience has been like.

“Dream Learn Work is a serious institution does a beautiful work with socially vulnerable youngsters and we are delighted to be able to contribute to their mission of giving those youngsters a better future through education and by supporting their entry in the job market”, says Ana Cecilia about DLW, after four years working with the organization of events that Wood offers to DLW youngsters.

“We always try to have as much contact with the youngsters as possible and it’s extremely special to know a little more about each student’s life, so we make sure to know each one of them and make them feel comfortable telling what they think is important. From this we can see how best to help with students’ specific demands. At the beginning, we had some visits to our base in Macaé, but given the excellent work DLW does and how rewarding it is to be able to help with their work, our partnership has grown. The number of visits has increased considerably and we have started to promote visits also at our office in Barra, which has been really interesting, since it’s a more administrative side of the company, not so visible in Macaé”, continues the analyst about the partnership.

Wood is a service company specialized in the oil & gas industry, but that also operates with energy, infrastructure, government, mining and industry & manufacturing (website: For students at DLW it’s very beneficial to get to know these sectors and the professions that exist there. In 2019, Ana Cecília nominated DLW as a corporate social responsibility project and the institution earned £ 5,000 in donations from the company.

“With this partnership, we feel that our work has a positive impact on the lives of young people, and it’s priceless to know that the little we do will – in some way – help to insert them in the job market. It’s extremely gratifying to teach how to do a resume, talk about how to behave in an interview, answer questions about companies and recruiters, things that are part of our daily lives and that for us is basic, but we know it can help one of the youngsters to get a job. One of the best things is that each class is unique, precisely because there are different life stories and different interests, so we never get tired of the visits. We feel a difference in students at the end of the visits, some going home with new possibilities and interests. Seeing how things happen in practice certainly contributes to that. Also, in these events, they realize that there are new paths to be followed and that the future depends mostly on each one of them”, she explains the impact the partnership has on Wood employees and the immediate impact these visits have on DLW youth.

DLW thanks Wood deeply for the partnership and all the support we’ve had so far. Partnerships like this are crucial for DLW’s work to be successful and so we can close the Dream, Learn and Work cycle. Our program ends only when the student is well established in the job market and corporate partners are essential to make this happen.

If you or your company are interested in establishing a partnership with DLW, please contact Jeanette Lorvik, the General Manager, at