Past, present and future challenges

jan 10, 2023

Recent studies by the UNDP, with the synthesis of the 2021/2022 Human Development Report,  entitled “Uncertain times, unstable lives:  Building the future in a changing world” point out in terms of social inequality, with structural social problems and a world scenario full of of uncertainties and that affects mainly the less privileged.

These ‘post’ pandemic times expose a still stark abyss between rich and poor and lead the eyes of the world to a deeper analysis of the impacts of the coronavirus crisis, socio-environmental justice in addition to access to better quality education opportunities. The study also points out the needs, which are equally important as investments in the promotion and protection of human rights and in deliberation mechanisms that allow for a participatory and inclusive public dialogue

Dream Learn Work continues in the continuous search to help our participants and we highlight food safety campaigns, support for mental health, through volunteers, access to education and quality professional qualification as strategies and mission. We continue to monitor and encourage the engagement of young people, even in the face of such an adverse scenario in our country.

We thank everyone for their collaboration in networks, volunteering, and corporate partnerships. Thank you for contributing to this collective construction.