Project Grael Recruitment

jul 5, 2019

On May 16th, on a sunny Tuesday, in the city of Niterói. Our DLW team went to Jurujuba to visit our NGO partners at Project  Grael. The visit was to perform, in the morning, our individual follow-up with our active participants, see the current status of each one and make an evaluation of potential new courses.

All this following the desired professional path and designed in conjunction with the partner institution and the student. In the afternoon, after the follow-ups, we gave  a DLW presentation, explaining our mission, vision and values to the new candidates and carried out with our recruitment.

Our Project Grael partners have some very interesting programs and aggregators for their participants. They have sports, professional and environmental programs. All focused on the nautical sector and following this emphasis of activities that are the focus of the organization itself.

We are very happy with our partnership and with the positive results in access to education and employment that we are able to provide for our participants.