Recruitment at Fight for Peace

jul 5, 2019

On April 15th,  our DLW team visited our NGO partners at Fight for Peace, in Maré. In that opportunity, we carried out our first annual recruitment, as well as our individual follow-up of thel academic and professional trails of our active participants in the institution.

We were very happy to see the constant progress of our participants, the achievements  and conclusion of several courses and, at the same time, the continued search for new knowledge technique and professional improvement.

Always aiming to add value to their curriculum, our participantes, optimize the chances of entry and staying in the current labor market. And the collective construction, with the partner institutions, plays a fundamental role in our monitoring, in addition to all the support of our corporate partners and educational institutions.

Thanks to all the participants who were part of the last recruitment and individual follow-up with us, in Fight for Peace. Definitely they have already taken the first step and are already in search of better opportunities through education and employment. We look forward to helping these youngsters in the pursuit and fulfillment of their dreams. You can count on us!