Social Actions – Good Deeds Day

jul 5, 2019

During the week after the NGOs fair, all the NGOs that took part arrange social actions so that volunteers can participate in their work. DLW held a Good Deeds Day action on thursday, April 18, at Aterro do Flamengo, where we gathered interested volunteers representing various professions with our DLW participants, so they could exchange experiences and learn how to enter the labour market through your network.

Our work this year was supported by DLW veteran participants/volunteers who have already gone through more levels and qualifications with us and are currently in the job market and carrying out their own individual projects in their respective areas of activity. Their presence was fundamental to enrich the exchange of knowledge with the other volunteers and especially in motivating the continuity of the search for a better future through the education and employment of our current DLW participants.

We started the presentations with our experienced participants and, from the start, we had a collective and relaxing stretching with our participant, Joana Dark (@zendarkana). Following, we had the speech of Igor “Izy” Moreno (@igorizy), who in addition to sharing his trajectory in the area of culture and art with DLW also held a mini graffiti workshop. In addition to the speeches and participation of Izy and Joana, we also had the honor of sharing experiences and valuable tips on social gastronomy, free chocolate samples and a talk about women’s empowerment with our Ana Paula Gomes (@sonhodechocolate1).

Last but not least, we had a very interesting chat with the representatives of  the start up Garagem Get Up, from Poli-UFRJ (@garegemgetup), talking a about entrepreneurship today. Another super interesting and rich theme taken to our participants. We also had other very constructive exchanges among all and certainly the sensation of happiness and constant learning was also there. After the presentations we delivered DLW kits to the volunteer speakers and we also gave out some of those kits to our participants. The event was a great success!

Special credits to our volunteer photographer, Paulo Cesar (, once again managed to register all of these important moments of our DBA edition!

Finally, we thank Atados once again for the invitation and support to carry out our action, in addition, of course, the participation of all DLW volunteers and participants! Without you, none of this would be possible.