Students’ Gathering

dez 19, 2019

On December 7, there was a year-end celebration party for DLW students. Based on a demand from the students themselves, the event was the first of its kind and aimed to promote integration among participants from different DLW partner NGOs and celebrate all participants’ achievements in 2019.

The party was lively and full of music, food and games. In addition to several other games, students split into groups to take part in a quiz about DLW, in which they learned a lot about the organization and also met students from other territories who had not had a chance to talk yet.

The event was attended by all sorts of students at the most varied levels: some very old attendees who are already near the end of the Dream Learn Work cycle, some newly recruited, and some halfway through. This was very important for them to be inspired by each other and to exchange advice and experiences.

Given the success of the event and the extremely positive feedback from the students, certainly next year DLW, which had the involvement of the students themselves to organize the party, will hold another similar celebration.