The Future and Me – Dimitri

abr 5, 2018

When I think about the word “future”, I think of surprise. The future of Brazil is a surprise, which means our future is a surprise as well. But I think we need to do our part, and that way we can change the future. I think the future is a like a seed that we plant and then we harvest. We can’t control other people’ actions, but we can do our part and try to influence the ones who are next to us to do the same.

It is very hard for someone to change a whole country from the top down. We can change Brazil from the bottom up. Our leader needs to reflect the people. The Brazilians need to think more about the next one, to be less selfish and to think about how their actions reflect in the society. And, with a leader who reflects it all, there will be a change.

DLW gives opportunities for those who can’t afford education. It’s a big chance for underprivileged people – I myself am an example. In order to be able to pay for my Associate degree, I would have to work, which would be difficult since the course takes place during the day. My parents wouldn’t be able to keep me studying; it would be another big cost for the family to bear.

My father works as a doorman in Leblon, where we live, but we also have a house in Santo Cristo, in downtown Rio. It made a difference to me. I would have more influences if we only lived there – overall, from trafficking and crime. Besides that, there’s the security issue that is way better in Leblon. The police are more present there than in Santo Cristo, which shouldn’t happen but it’s the reality. Public security can’t be limited to the South Zone of Rio, but to all the areas; if it happens that way, we’ll be able to see a difference.

Dimitri (20)