The Future and Me – Yasmin

abr 4, 2018

We asked our students about the future. Now we are going to share their opinions about the future of Brazil, their own future and how we can influence it.

“To me, the future is a box of surprises – but I always think that there is something better ahead. Something bigger than what I have planned. My name is Yasmin and I live in Muquiço, a slum with few opportunities and constant violence. Strange as it may sound, I feel safe there, even with all that violence. I was born and raised there. I lived my whole life in Muquiço. Despite the contact with guns and violence, the robberies there are not as usual as in the areas outside the slum. You don’t see anyone being robbed nor beaten. There are other rules in Muquiço.

Brazil needs to decrease the social inequality, reduce the violence rates and break down the prejudice. And above all, it has to give chances to everybody. It needs to strengthen policing and improve the schools; it is not acceptable to have a school where there are no teachers, that is always on strike and that doesn’t have supplies for the kids to study. It doesn’t happen only in Muquiço, it’s the normal state of the Brazilian Education. I think that instruction may improve the future, but all I mentioned need to be improved as well. They need to invest in Education, and it will naturally bring opportunities.

DLW gives chances; it changes the future. It’s changing my future, and it will also change my son’s future. Before meeting Dream Learn Work, I didn’t use to think about the things I imagine for our future today. I couldn’t take these courses simply because I couldn’t afford them. Today I have other dreams and I think about a different future: objective, with clear goals and opportunities.

I want to work in the Aesthetics field, which is the area that I like and that I am currently studying. I found myself! When I get financially independent, I will move out of the slum because of my son, Isaac (2), so he will not have to see and live with guns, drug trafficking and violence.”

Yasmin (21)