Visit to Christ, the Redeemer

out 29, 2018

In mid-September, Intertouring, a tourism agency, arranged an event for our students to get in touch with tourism and hear about how it is to work in the area. The event was a great success and we are already thinking about arranging a new one!

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro is reserved for the elite and the foreigners that visit the city. There are many postcard views and people pay tons of money to have a piece of the Cidade Maravilhosa (marvelous city). However, this is not an everyday happening for our participants. For all the 20 teenagers, this was actually the first time at Christ the Redeemer, one of the most popular attractions of the city.

The visit to the Christ happened only at the end of the day. First, Intertouring met with our participants in the city centre, where Monica, a hilarious guide that captured the attention of the DLW’ers at once, led us. After hearing about the city’s history, we entered a huge bus that they rented for the occasion. On the way to the Christ, three employees from the tourism agency described their jobs and talked about how they ended up working in the area.

Arriving at the train that would take us to the main attraction, we had a small snack offered by Viver Fit and a presentation by Jaqueline, one of the co-workers at the administration of the tourist attraction.

Taking the train was an experience in itself, and the participants were eager and enthusiastic. Once we got up there it was difficult to keep the group together, because it was selfie time. However, we managed to hijack the famous stairs so we could have a group picture with the Christ himself in the background.

Thank you so much to Tania, Intertouring and the Train of Corcovado for making this possible! We also want to thank the staff for the lunch pack served by Viver Fit and the professionals for speaking about their careers and educational journeys!