Visits at Brunel

out 11, 2019

On October 2nd and 9th we had the incredible opportunity to take a group of students to visit Brunel’s office, one of our partner companies, located in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro. Brunel is an international service provider specialized in recruitment and selection and the meetings were aimed primarily at helping youngsters prepare to enter the job market with some of the experienced recruiters working there.

The main points addressed were how to build a good resume and how to behave in a job interview and by dividing the visit into two Wednesdays, the professionals could go beyond the basic tips, because they had time to get to know the students better, their goals and their difficulties and, therefore, work on specific and individual points. In addition, they were able to pass small tasks to be done between visits, which all students successfully completed.

On the first day, after a delicious snack, Brunel employees presented a little about the company and gave key insights into both resumes and interviews. Then the students performed a self-knowledge activity to help them best verbalize their dreams, goals, strengths and so on. Finally, the recruiters conducted a group interview to give students an experience with this type of selection process, giving extremely helpful feedback at the end. Another highlight was that the professionals shared a lot about their own experiences with the students, which inspired them very much.

On the second day, again after the snack, individual interviews were conducted based on each student’s curriculum. As with the group interview, they received relevant feedback and advice to improve their resumes at the end. In addition, a group dynamic was also held, which is very common in selection processes today, and many students pointed out this dynamics as the favorite moment, since everyone had the chance to interact, to talk and, in the end, to receive comments on their own performances. In addition, Linkedin, currently an important platform in the work environment, was also discussed, as many students commented on the first day that they had difficulty with the network.

It was a privilege to be able to get these young people now entering the job market to talk to recruitment specialists. We were very happy with the result, the visits were extremely fruitful and the participants came out more prepared, more experienced and much more confident. Many thanks to Brunel for these days and especially to Raphael, Lucas, Vinicius, Bruno, Priscilla, Eliza, Thiago Sousa and James Key who were there with us!