Visits at Wood

set 10, 2019

At the end of September our students had the incredible opportunity to visit two different environments of Wood, one of our partner companies.

On the 26th the participants went to Macaé to visit Wood’s shipyard in the region. There they learned more about the daily life of the professionals who work there and the various job options and opportunities that exist in that environment. The visit was extremely fruitful and the students were very enthusiastic about the experience, actively participating in the activities, asking questions and enjoying the tour. Visits like this allow the youngsters direct contact with the professional world and broaden their horizons to new areas and opportunities, so they are very valuable to us.

The next day, the 27th, the youngsters went to visit Wood’s office in Barra. On this occasion they had a meeting with experienced HR professionals who gave very useful tips on how to enter the job market. In addition, students took the opportunity to answer all their job search, resume, interviews and work environment questions. Thus, the exchange between the employees and the students was very rich and very beneficial to all. Visits like this are especially important as they offer students the recruiter’s view when looking for a new employee, which enables them to better prepare for entering the job market.

Special thanks to Ana Cecilia Perez, Natália Rossini Silva, Viviane Oliveira & all of Wood Brazil workforce!