mar 27, 2020

Our participant, Joana Dark who is a professional massage therapist, and lives in Complexo da Maré (community of Rio de Janeiro), through this video, reports on the current moment in her area during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

First, she addresses the difficulties of residents in relation to staying at home, as they are mostly nonformal workers, so they need the money to buy food, hygiene material and even maintain their rent.

However, there is not only the financial problem, the physical structure of your community also aggravates the problem of COVID-19 contamination.

Our participant says that the houses have little ventilation, the streets are cramped and the houses are very close to each other, making it almost impossible to stay 2 meters away from someone.

Afterwards, she communicates that not all places in the communities have water and uses the Complexo do Alemão as an example, which has been without water for 15 days, so it is impossible to follow the governments recommendation to wash your hands whenever necessary.

In addition to the lack of water, the youngster comments on the lack of alcohol gel on the shelves and the lack of money of the community resident to obtain the product.

Joana ends the video with a request, so that the State and people can look at the community, after all they are also part of Rio de Janeiro and that residents of their area are part of the network of employees of extreme importance being a huge part of the workforce, so it would be extremely important for people to have empathy and solidarity.

Watch the video on our Youtube link.