We Choose Education

out 7, 2019

Dream Learn Work’s mission is to create opportunities for a brighter future through education and professional qualification for young people in vulnerable socio-economic situations in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2019, we reached a very significant mark in our purpose: Twenty-one of our students are currently attending college!

Although their routines are very busy, students are very motivated and, to further encourage them, DLW seeks to be always present. In addition to helping them financially with the material necessary for classes and their transportation expenses, we seek a mentor graduated in the same area of the student to guide, advise, and inspire them. This way we create a support network so that the student has the best experience possible and draws all the knowledge he/she can during this period.

Among the most popular courses are business and accounting, but we have youngsters who study from marine engineering to nutrition, what matters is that they study what they want for the future. As such, they are having the opportunity to take their dream course, some at the best universities in the country.

We couldn’t be happier with this achievement. We are beyond proud of our participants who have been able to join renowned colleges in the country and we’ll continue to work so others can have the same opportunity.