Welcome, Thamires!

abr 16, 2021

This year, Dream Learn Work is pleased to present a new face to our organization staff. We wish to welcome you, Thamires Lacerda, our new intern. Thamires has been a DLW participant since 2015, with several passages in our projects, professional qualification courses, mentoring, among others. Currently, the youngster is studying administration/business and is very motivated to join us in this collective construction. The participant also talked a little bit about herself:

Dream Learn Work came into my life in 2015, I had just left high school and I was a little lost and through the Instituto Bola Pra FrenteI met DLW. It was where they helped me to trace my professional life, the first thing I participated in was the workshop “My Life, My Dream”, the first theme was photography and the second was watercolors, which was wonderful and from there I started to think about my dream.

>I had the opportunity to take the administrative assistant course, I started taking classes in a English course, and right after I started my technician course in administration, which was where I decided my profession. I had some experiences in the DLW project “A Day at Work” which was very important for me to see what the area was like and it’s routine. In addition, I also took some courses focused on the administration area.

Recently, I was engaged in the Young Talents of Navigation course, at Imapor / SindaRio , which I initially thought was not in my area, but I learned many things from there and managed to learn important lessons for my professional life.

At that time I worked as a young apprentice and in 2020 I started my college studies in business/administration, which was a dream that I thought was distant. With that, I got an internship and all the learning and knowledge I had obtained in these courses that I took throughout all these years, helped me a lot.
This year came the opportunity for an internship at DLW, I was very excited about the possibility, and was very happy when I got approved. I hope to be able to continue developing and using all the access to quality qualification courses and individual follow up I had during these years and learn much more,” says the DLW’er.